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Devis' Fall
World Peace Stupa
Bat's Cave
Sarangkot Sunrise
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    Destination: Nepal

    Transportation: Private Vehicle

Nature and city of Lakes."Pokhara".   Its as a nature’s paradise. Some described it as a pursuance of every traveller’s dream while some described it as an adventure spot for recreational activities. The dramatic views of mountain, pristine air, tranquil lakes, villages resided by warm people and a hub for many recreational activities has made Pokhara a top destination for a day tour. Pokhara city tour is amongst one of the must visit places during our lifetime.

Pokhara city tour lets you experience all the major highlights of Pokhara in just a single day. Though the city has so many things to experience and a single day is not enough, we have compiled and sorted this day trip with some must visit places in Pokhara.

Pokhara city tour starts at around 8 a.m. in the morning[expect Sarangkot Sunrise starts by 5am ] after your breakfast. Your guide will pick you up at the hotel and escort you to the sightseeing places in Pokhara. Pokhar a Full day tour commences in 3 choices :

1.  David’s falls, Gupteshwor temple , International Mountaineering museum and Taal Barahai Temple via Boating in Fewa Lake respectively.

2. Bindabashani Tmeple, Mahendra cave, Bats' Cave and Taal Barahai Temple via Boating in Fewa Lake respectively.

3. Sarangkot Sunrise ,Peace Stupa  and Taal Barahai Temple via Boating in Fewa Lake respectively.

Fewa Lake

The most popular of Pokhara and among Lakes is the Fewa Lake. It is the heart of Pokhara .Its just the complimentary name that comes in to our mind as we remember the  Pokhara city is the beautiful Fewa lake. Adorned with colorful boats, coffee shops and shops stalled with books and accessories; Fewa lake is an attractive and pleasing place to spend your time in. The beautiful views of Annapurna massif on a clear day and the glimpse of Mt. Fishtail in the undisturbed water of the lake makes the lakeside truly fascinating. You can enjoy boating on the Fewa Lake and visit a temple placed in between the lake known as Barahi temple.

Devi’s fall

Moving ahead, we visit a popular waterfall that lies approximately 2 kilometres south west of Pokhara on a highway that takes us to Tansen. In past, a foreigner named David had accidently fallen into an underground passage beneath the while he was enjoying swimming in Phardi Khola. Since then the waterfall is named as David’s fall. The waterfall looks stunning and is a centre of attraction to many tourists visiting Pokhara.

Gupteshwor Temple

Our destination next is a mysterious cave that lies near the stunning David’s fall. The cave is mysterious in sense it preserves a phallic form of Lord Shiva called Shivalinga and holds a high value amongst the Hindu pilgrims. As the Shivalinga li in the cave, it is popularly known as Gupteshwor temple and the cave is known as Gupteshwor Gupha. Many Hindu pilgrims around the world visit this place with high importance.

International Mountaineering Museum

International Mountaineering Museum is an alluring museum placed in a gateway to the trekking trail that leads us to the Annapurna region of Nepal. The record of all successful trekkers who attempted the climb of mountains that rise above eight thousand are listed in the museum. It also keeps record of all the major human activities inside the Annapurna region and maintains a record of unique flora and fauna seen inside Annapurna Conservation. Lying on the base of Mt. Macchapuchhre, the museum is uniquely designed. The museum is built in the shape of a mountain. The roof of the museum resembles with the peak of the mountains.


Bindabasini Temple

Bindhyabasini Temple is also one of the most popular and well known temple in Pokhara.It is situated in the laps of Machhapuchhare and Annapurna ranges.This temple lies in the north of Pokhara. This temple is 3000 ft above from the sea level. You can get a fabulous view of Pokhara city and the Himalayas from this temple.The fragrance of the scented Dhup and refreshing air can keep anyone spellbound.This temple originated when the Goddess Bhawani told king khadag Bum Malla to establish her statue in Bindhyachal hill.Even the tourists visits here with joyous. This temple is one of the most important holy places for the Hindu people.The government has even printed its stamp with the picture of the temple in the year 1988.


Mahendra Cave

It is the large limestone cave. It is a rare example of a cave system in Nepal containing stalagmites. The cave attracts thousands of tourists every year. A statue of Hindu Lord Shiva can be found inside the cave.The cave gets its name from former King Mahendara. This cave was discovered in the late 1950's by young shepherds of Pokhara. Since then it has remained one of the most visited places in Pokhara.he canal is completely dark with continuously dripping water overhead. The cave is full of limestone, which falls to the ground and continuously forms electrical sparks. Due to the darkness, artificial lighting is provided inside the cave.


Bats' Cave

Bat cave is one the most attractive tourist destination of Pokhara. It is a habitat for large population of the nocturnal flying mammals known as Bats? it shelters to more  than 10 thousand bats of different species. Therefore, it is known as Bat Cave (Chamera Gupha in Nepal). It lies in Batulechour area, which is a northern settlement of the Pokhara valley of Kaski district, Nepal.  One arm, which extends towards southeast, is 150 meter long roof. This arm of the cave is sccessible. Most of the visitors can visit this part. Another arm, which extends towards northeast, is about 70m long and is inaccessible. It is famous for its picturesque appearance and most important for its amazing adventurous naturality. It is open every day of the week for visitors.       

World Peace Stupa              

Shanti Stupa  in Nepali was built by Nipponzan monk Morioka Sonin with local supporters under the guidance of Fuiji  a Buddhist monk  is a . Shanti Stupa is the shrine build as symbol of peace. The spot situated at the height of 1100 meters on the Ananda Hill  and he laid the foundation stone as well with the relics of Buddha on the hilltop on 12 September 1973. Nepal has two of the eighty peace pagodas in the world: Shanti Stupa in Lumbini  the birthplace of Buddha and Shanti Stupa in Pokhara  Shanti Stupa in Pokhara has also become a tourist attraction. It provides a panoramic view of the  Mt. Annapurna and Fishtail range, Pokhara city and the Fewa lake. 


Sarangkot altitude of 1600m , is a former VDC west of  Pokhara . In 2015, it was annexed to Pokhara -26. Today this touristic destiantion had welcomed many visitors to the footstep to view of most beautiful nearby close of Mountain range of Mt. Annapurna, Fishtail Manaslu and Dhaulagiri , sunrise behind the range and the most adventure game Paragliding.


After your comfort full day Pokhara tour, drop you to hotel with beautiful memories.



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