Off The Beat Trekking

Off the Beat Trek  holds the another  beauty of the terrains, snow covered mountains, culture and religion apart from the normal and famous trials in trekking areas of Nepal. It attracts visitors far away from normal trek route .It  actually  retains them to explore for long days spent around the spellbound of country side and the hidden majestic beauty. The places start to run out after couple of visits and hence, its need to go "Off The Beaten Path" rises. The trek is sterenous as it pass by through  difficult terrain and landscape of the country .There are more than plenty of places that are adventrous and pristine, fitting the title off the beaten path trek. However, almost all these treks demands a higher level of fittness, experience in familiar with altitude and endurance. They are also very rewarding with excellent views, ancient monasteries , life culture on rural remote areas of Nepal and provides a different experience of trekking that can only provided by the off the beaten path treks of Nepal. 




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