Garmi Se Behal..Chalo Nepal (Focusing Indian Tourism Market)

Garmi Se Behal..Chalo Nepal (Focusing Indian Tourism Market)
Visit Nepal : Heavy Discount in Temperature

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has re-launched one of its widely practiced and successful promotional campaigns entitled "Garmi Se Behal Chalo Nepal "(Lets go to Nepal to escape out the heat) in major Indian cities, in a bid to draw large number of visitors from there.

“These kinds of campaign will also be launched in major tourist generating source markets more aggressively,” said Deepak Raj Joshi, CEO of NTB.

Nepal tourism got a sharp drop of 31.78 percent in 2015, as compared to the 2014 figure due to huge devasting earthquake and blockade. But as of now 2016: Nepal has rised and is back into tourism. Different promotions ,seminars etc. have been launched for this peak tourist season (Sept-Dec). The above tag line:"Garmi Se Behal Chalo Nepal " is major focus on the Indian tourism market. Nepal gives you in all of best quality services from the tour packages, hotels, vehicles, fooding and as of now its on discount in temperature too.  

We are more focus on the satisfication to our clients and more over Nepal and India culture, tradition ,festivals,religion etc are somewhat kind of similar. Both countries have more followers on Hinduism religion so we have tranquility and quinch tour packages based on Hindu pilgrims tour along with many more that will make the Indian clients attractions and get to have best tour sightseeing here in Nepal.

So grab this opportunity with FITT Nepal.  



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